Tyre recycling
Det finns många kloka sätt att återanvända uttjänta däck

Old tyres get new life

Producing tyres is a resource-intensive process. At the same time, a tyre only lasts for three to four years. It is therefore important that we should take care of the tyres which run on our roads to the end of their lives and reuse the material in various ways.

By recycling scrap tyres, we reduce the need to produce new material and help to save the earth's resources. Our aim is to contribute to a circular flow of material where virtually all collected material can be recycled.

One of the most important materials recycled is rubber granulate, which is used in, among other things, artificial grass pitches, riding tracks and silent asphalt. Tyre shreds are another major and important part of scrap tyre recycling. Among the uses for tyre shreds are energy recovery and construction work, but there are many smart applications also for whole tyres, treads and tyre sidewalls.

All the tyres we recycle are collected in Sweden and Norway.

Rubber granulate is ordered via Customer Services or via our salespeople - see info below. That’s also the place to turn to if you have questions or specific requests.

Contact our sales staff

Sales manager TDF/Granulates

Sven Hoel

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