Rubber Granulate

Rubber Granulate

Every year, Ragn-Sells Tyre Recycling collects over 150,000 tonnes of discarded tires in Norway and Sweden. One of the most important recycled materials is granulated rubber, which is used in artificial grass pitches, riding tracks and asphalt.

Our rubber granulate is available in three different qualities:

Fine rubber granulate (0-1.2 mm): For example, used in silent asphalt, as an additive in the production of rubber products or as fuel refining in the melting of iron. Download pdf

SBR Gummigranulat 0-1,2mm

Medium rubber granulate (1-2.8 mm): Used primarily as a damping filler material in artificial turf. Download pdf

SBR Gummigranulat medium 1-2,88mm

Coarse rubber granulate (2.5-4 mm): Used as supportive material under artificial turf tracks, as underlay on riding tracks and as bullet collectors on shooting ranges. Download pdf

SBR Gummigranulat grov 2,5 - 4mm

Rubber granulate from Ragn-Sells Tyre Recycling is delivered in Big Bags of approximately 1,07 tons

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