About Ragn-Sells Tyre Recycling

We are Ragn-Sells Tyre Recycling

Ragn-Sells Tyre Recycling is a part of the Ragn-Sells  Group. We collect and recycle used tyres since 1995 in Sweden on behalf of Svensk Däckåtervinning AB (SDAB, Swedish Tyre Recycling) and since 2000 in Norway on behalf of Norsk Dekkretur (NDR, Norwegian Tyre Recycling).

Producer responsibility

In Sweden and Norway there is a Regulation on Producer Responsibility for used tyres. It means that anyone selling tyres on the market must also take responsibility for dealing with them once they have served their purpose.

Tyre workshops and other companies are obliged to receive used tyres, which we at Ragn-Sells Tyre Recycling then collect and recycle. The cost of this is included in the recycling fee that manufacturers and importers charge when they sell new tyres.

Collection and recycling of tyres

Every year we collect about 150,000 tonnes of tyres in Sweden and Norway. From these tires we produce rubber granulates, which among others are used in artificial turf and asphalt, and shredded tyres in different sizes for energy recovery and construction work. We also offer whole tyres, tyre treads and tyre sides.