Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF)

Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF)

Ragn-Sells Tire Recycling produce and supplies shredded tyres for energy purposes. We collect and process approximately 150,000 tonnes of scrap tyres per year which means that we have stable access to raw materials for the production of tyre derived fuel.

Tyre drived fuel - production

Prior to shredding, the material is quality controlled and sorted to remove unwanted materials and contamination in the tires. The controlled material is shredded to the desired quality. We have several different types of shredders and screeners that allow us to produce the size and quality our customers demand.

Tyre drived fuel - deliverability

Because we also are the collector of scrap tyres we have secure access to raw material for producing tyre drived fuel. We deliver the agreed volume of both long and short term contracts and single orders. When buying from us the deliveries are direct from the manufacturer without intermediary.

Tyre drived fuel - delivery / logistics

We can deliver by truck, in ship containers or in bulk on cargo ships. Our facilities are centrally located in Sweden and Norway. They are located in close proximity to or at port. We have a own facility in southern Norway that is an approved ISPS port. This allows us to deliver material directly from our plant to customers all over the world.