Safe use of rubber granulate on artificial turf pitches

In order to reduce rubber granulate waste from all-weather pitches, we have developed advice for safe use. The following instructions are based on the Swedish Football Association's recommendations for the laying out of all-weather pitches and recommendations from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Analyses of granulate which Ragn-Sells Däckåtervinning AB regularly works on:

  • The chemical content, as well as other performance parameters relevant to SBR granulate, is regularly analysed by Ragn-Sells, which provides the results of these analyses in a material sheet supplied with the material.

How artificial turf pitches are designed for safe use:

  • To reduce the risk of spreading granulate to the environment, rubber granulate which falls outside the artificial turf pitch should be returned. Plan things in such a way that there are surfaces, preferably asphalted, on which snow can be laid from the all-weather pitch. After thawing, the granulate can then be returned to the pitch again. A gravel pitch covered with ground cloth or a worn-out artificial lawn can be an alternative to asphalt.

  • The principle for draining and surface-watering pipes is that they should be bonded together to a closed system which is channelled to a well for any filter solutions to be placed there. This makes it possible to measure the quality of the stormwater before it is conveyed onward on to the stormwater system or other receiving water.

  • In stormwater wells, there should be filters for catching granulate that has entered the drainage system.

  • If there is granulate in the shower room, inserting granulate filters into the floor wells can be considered.

  • Make sure that the players brush off the granulate at a special place where it can be collected and returned to the pitch.

  • When filling granulate in already existing pitches, it is recommended that the above points be followed as far as possible.

  • When replacing artificial turf, granulate must be handled safely; this is achieved by removing granulate separately or together with the artificial turf.

Filling granulate or replacing artificial turf:

  • When an existing pitch is to be filled with granulate, the above points must be followed as far as possible. The artificial turf is rolled up for transport to the next pitch and the granulate is collected in bags to be reused in the same pitch or go to recycling. If reuse is not possible, the granulate should be sent for incineration.