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Right actions minimize micro-plastic spread from artificial turfs

The artificial turf at Bergavik's IP in Kalmar has for a year and a half participated in a unique study to systematically and objectively investigate the spread of microplastics. “In the past six months, about four grams have left the turf via water. To get some perspective, that corresponds to the weight of ten cigarettes", says Fredrick Regnell, project manager.

30 Mar 2020

Since the spring of 2018, the Swedish Football Association, Ragn-Sells Tyre Recycling, Ecoloop and Kalmar Municipality have completed a unique project with the aim of constructing a safe artificial turf. The new artificial turf at Bergavik's IP was installed in the fall of 2018 and is built according to the recommendations of the Swedish Football Association and as a closed system to minimize possible spread of microplastics and emissions from unwanted substances. 

Download the report in english:

Dispersal of microplastic from a modern artificial turf pitch with preventive measures - Case study Bergaviks IP, Kalmar (Report) 
Microplastic dispersal from Bergavik IP, Kalmar (Annexes)

See the film about the project: